⛳ Guild System 2.0 Info ⛳

Some of you might already know and some of you might not know yet – we have upgraded the guild system for quite some time already. 🕗 Here is the brief:

🛡 Member Check In
There will be daily Sign In rewards when you click on the “Sign In” button where yo can claim daily rewards! 🎁 You can even check out the rewards you can claim on other days.

🛡 Sending Squad Invitations
You can easily invite available members in your guild when you choose either to play in a squad or as duos. Click on the “Guild” tab next to your “Friends” tab to invite members to play! 🎮

🛡 Effortless Recruitment
When you create a guild, you can decide the method of member approvals by either letting them join automatically or you can review members before approving them! You can still review this option after creating a guild. 👁

Do you have a guild to promote or are you in search for a guild to be accepted in? 🙋‍♂ Let other players know and grow together as a guild! 🙆‍♀

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